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Holistic Health Coaching

We customize each experience based around your needs, your health, and your goals. Getting to know a little about you before your visit is important to us so that we can ensure maximum benefit from your time here.

A holistic health coach takes a different approach, by creating a plan for the whole person, MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.

The holistic approach honors the reality that the body is a complex and interconnected system of many parts that can benefit from holistic, sustainable, long-term solutions looking at neuroplasticity, nutrition, lifestyle, personality traits, habits, outside influence and also happiness scales.

We begin with a comprehensive intake of where you are, how you got there or conditions that brought you to the present state that you wish to work on, and where you would like to go whether it is health, life and/or spiritual assistance you need.

Balance of the mind & Spirit

Mind/Body Therapy

Mind body connection approach to healing that integrates the person’s whole: mind + body + spirit. This technique is designed to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body.

Balance of the mind & Spirit

What Our Clients Say About Us

After being diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, I was completely lost on how to handle it. I had seen doctors all week long and none could explain to me clearly what was happening and what was the best way to treat it. After one conversation with Tracy, I learned more from her in 20 minutes than I had all week long! She is brilliant, compassionate, and committed to helping others. I highly recommend her!
Mariana A.
Last year I went through a very bad time. I would go to Healing Moments to do certain therapies for some medical issues. Doctors would leave me feeing in fear but every time I would talk to Tracy she gave me peace. It was comforting to be able to speak to a professional that understood feelings both physically and emotionally. She always listened and offered great advice that helped me on my path to healing both physically and emotionally. Tracy is so caring and kind. Every time I left her I felt better mentally and happier. I had hope feeling this would all eventually end one day. Her office is so peaceful. I continue to go to Healing moments not only for therapies but just to talk to Tracy and keep myself in check. I am forever grateful to Tracy for her love, compassion, and professionalism.
Matt P.
Last year my husband walked through a very difficult time with his health. Anyone who has experienced this understands that watching your loved one walk through a scary time is almost as hard as the one experiencing it. It was a dark time. I went to Healing Moments to destress and have a sound therapy session… grasping at straws to just calm my mind and find some sort of life preserver. What I didn’t know that day is that I would end up in a life coaching session with Tracy that would transform my life and my thinking. To say I had breakthrough would be an understatement. That afternoon with Tracy was the catapult that helped me to start soaring and move my thinking in a different direction which in turn affected my whole being. I had work to do after that because heard words don’t make changes. People do. But I trusted Tracy and made the changes necessary and that was the moment that our darkness turned to light. Life Coaching with Tracy is life changing. It is information that will carry your through the rest of your life on this earth. Not only will it affect you, your family, and those around you but your future generations as well. I will always be grateful for Tracy and the wisdom she has imparted. She is a gem
Carrie P.