The healing begins when you walk through the door

Healing Moments is a luxurious wellness boutique specializing in integrating scientific and ancient therapies 
in order to relieve physical, emotional, and psychological distress

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At Healing Moments, our goal is to impact all aspects of the mind body and spirit in every session to have more successful outcomes and experiences.

Healing moments was informed by over 5,000 client experiences in the fields of holistic health coaching, massage therapy, post surgery therapy, energy healing, clinical counseling, meditation, vibroacoustic therapy, tapping and detox therapy.  It was also created by our founder Tracy McDonough after her own personal healing journey from cancer and other physical and emotional trauma.

Through the power of touch, coaching and being present, we help our clients overcome a variety of challenges.  Our clients enjoy the benefits of customized therapeutic treatment plans resulting in feelings of peace, balance and wellness.

Our passion is to inspire our clients to establish healthy habits and patterns;
increase their energy, focus, and vitality while reducing pain, stress and inflammation.

What to expect

We begin each client relationship with a full evaluation of personal needs to create a personalized plan for optimal health and wellness, rejuvenation, pre/post surgery treatment and/or pain & stress management.

The goals clients have had successful outcomes with are:

Post surgery recovery, pain relief, reducing anxiety & depression, detoxification, disease management, weight loss and/or frequency Resonance/Energy Balance.

Balance of the mind & Spirit

About our founder

Tracy McDonough is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Vibroacoustic Sound Therapist, Certified Detox/Wellness Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Meditation Coach.  She is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University where she received her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in clinical social work, graduating with honors.  She is also a graduate of Florida College of Natural Health. Since 1996 Tracy has continued to advance her education and training attaining many certifications to help her clients achieve their wellness goals by blending traditional and ancient therapies for mind body spirit healing and balance. Her education and passion is further ignited by her own personal healing journey from cancer and other experiences of emotional and psychological trauma.

Healing Moments

Visit us today for your healing moment. 
The healing begins when you walk through the door.