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Holistic Health Coaching

We customize each experience based around your needs, your health, and your goals. Getting to know a little about you before your visit is important to us so that we can ensure maximum benefit from your time here.

Quantum Health and Life Coach

Meet Tracy McDonough, a modern-day medicine woman.

Due to her own healing journey, in which she endured trauma, psychological stress, emotional pain, and her own cancer experience.

Are you feeling stress, anxiety, depression, stuck, sick with no answers, stagnant in relationships, have you suffered trauma, not yourself and not sure why?

Tracy knows that a mind-body-spirit approach to healing is what’s needed for so many because…

…that’s what helped her achieve her own quantum and holistic transformation.

For years she has been helping others struggling with various physical, mental and emotional challenges to find their own healing journey by stacking healing “moments” together until they reach their true potential and vitality.

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WHAT TO EXPECT in Holistic Health Coaching

Tracy works on a needs-basis which makes her work with you… personal.

Each healing “moment” is crafted custom for the person in front of her.

You may notice there is no online booking on this site.

Instead, we are focused on creating a personalized healing-moment experience, just for you…

The first step is to click “Book Consultation” and send us a note – after that, we will call you.
Next, on the phone we will ask you about your needs, your health and your goals.
Then, once you arrive, you’ll have an in-depth consult with Tracy so we can ensure the maximum benefit for your healing moments.

Tracy’s PHILOSOPHY: Quantum Health and Life Coaching

You are a holistic being or whole.

Therefore, you need a plan that includes your MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT WELLNESS.

Our holistic approach honors the reality that the body is a complex and interconnected system. It includes many parts that can benefit from holistic, sustainable, long-term solutions. That includes considering: physicality, self-talk, thoughts, brain neuroplasticity, nutrition, lifestyle, personality traits, habits, outside influence and even happiness scales.

To consider all of the above, we will meet you where you are. Look at how you got there. And plan for your desired future goals.

Creating Connections with Mind/Body Therapy

A mind-body connection approach to healing is one that integrates the person’s whole: mind + body + spirit. We use this approach to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body.

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy


Each of the following coaching solutions are customized based on needs. Please inquire directly with Tracy about your particular situation. Possibilities include:

Quantum Healing Personal Experience

Plan for your Quantum leap! A personal reinvention of healing…

Onboarding Kickoff: 1 hour Zoom.
Weekly 1:1 meetings 1-hr Zoom to help you stay on track
Journal for planning Reflection, goal setting
Energy Clearing/Healing Sessions
Environment assessment & Cleansing recommendations
Detoxification Protocol
Text support M-F, 9-6pm ET

Quantum Healing Collaboration Experience (Group Coaching)

6-week Reinvention
Gathering of 5 Students

Virtual Collaboration for those starting over. Writing a new chapter and ready to clear the past.


  • Comprehensive intake form to get to know you on as an individual
  • Weekly healing meditations
  • Weekly wellness homework
  • Weekly 1 hour group call
  • Future Creation exercise
  • Address 3-tiers of Mind, Body, Spirit


A private event designed for a small group.

Great for company /team retreats, friend-groups or family.

Structured for your needs.

  • Group Intention Setting
  • Bemer Mat for microcirculation
  • Vibroacoustic Bed Meditation
  • Brain Tap Meditations
  • Foot Bath for detoxification
  • Sauna for detoxification
  • Massages (pre-booked)
  • Regroup Download to close the day
Balance of the mind & Spirit

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