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Holistic Health Coaching

We customize each experience based around your needs, your health, and your goals. Getting to know a little about you before your visit is important to us so that we can ensure maximum benefit from your time here.

A holistic health coach takes a different approach, by creating a plan for the whole person, MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.

The holistic approach honors the reality that the body is a complex and interconnected system of many parts that can benefit from holistic, sustainable, long-term solutions looking at neuroplasticity, nutrition, lifestyle, personality traits, habits, outside influence and also happiness scales.  We begin with a comprehensive intake of where you are, how you got there or conditions that brought you to the present state that you wish to work on, and where you would like to go whether it is health, life and/or spiritual assistance you need.

Balance of the mind & Spirit

Mind/Body Therapy

Mind body connection approach to healing that integrates the person’s whole: mind + body + spirit. This technique is designed to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body.